Service, Repair & Additions

Annual Maintence

Call us for an Annual Maintence Contract for your residential or commercial system. Our Annual Maintenance Contract includes both Winterization & Spring Adjustment Service.


We service every system we install. Winterization, Spring Adjustments & Repairs.


We can repair your system. Whether you have one of our Hunter systems, or an existing Rainbird, Toro, Weathermatic, Irritrol, Rain Dial, K-rain... we can perform repairs for your home or business.


Do you have areas that your system does not cover? We can add just a single head, or entire zones to expand the coverage areas of your system.


In our climate, sprinkler systems require Winterization every fall to prevent freezing. Water not removed from the system will expand once frozen resulting in cracked & damaged pipes, heads and electronic valves. The Winterization service uses compressed air to push water out of the pipes & heads to prevent freeze damage.

Control Panel Replacement

Faulty & obsolete controllers can be replaced with new, and in many cases, more modern easier to use units. Modernization of controllers include water saving features. New controllers can be opperated from a PC, laptop, tablet or even a smartphone!


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